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High and Low Roller 2019

  • 28 Sep 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Fernie


  • Event fee includes: One of a kind 2019 High Roller SOCKS!!, dinner, beer at Fernie Brewing, FMBC Custom Trail to Ale medal (if you've met the requirements), beer at the Royal and a full day of riding sweet single track.

The 2019 High Roller Route is:


·      Start downtown at the Royal and check in (one sticker)


·      Do Hyperventilation – Hyperextension(one sticker)


·       Over to the provincial park, up Gorby, Red Tree Road and downVerboten (one sticker)


·       Onto Lazy Lizard and take that all the way to the Project 9 branch road.  Up and down Project 9, head back on Lazy Lizard (watch for two way traffic). (one sticker)


·       Take Lazy Lizard to Stove, up Stoveand up and down Mushroomheadto Red Sonya(one sticker)


·       When finished Red Sonya, head on over to the Mnt Proctor area and do Swine Flu.(one sticker)


·      Finish at the Fernie Brewing Companyto check in. (one sticker)


The Low Roller Route is:


·       Start downtown at the Royal and check in (one sticker)


·       Do Hyperventilation – Hyperextension(one sticker)


·       Head over to the provincial park and up Stove and up and down Mushroomhead to Red Sonya(one sticker)


·      When finished Red Sonya, head on over to the Mnt Proctor area and do Swine Flu.(one sticker)


·       Finish at the Fernie Brewing Companyto check in. (one sticker)


For the GPS Nerds


Here is the Trailforks Route for the 2019 High Roller: 

Here is the Trailforks Route for the 2019 Low Roller:



TheFEEDSTATIONLocation will be in the Provincial Park somewhere (exact location TBD). 


Schedule- September 28, 2019


8:00 am – 9:00 am: check in at the Royal to receive your official FMBC poker card and first sticker


9:00 am – 5:00 pm:Ride, ride, ride!


WHENEVER YOU ARE DONE RIDING:check in at the Fernie Brewing Company to receive your last sticker, BEER and Trail to Ale medal (if you’ve done Hyper/P9/Swine).


5:30 p.m. - ?:After-party at the Royal with delicious dinner provided by Infinitea.  Swag, draw prizes and good times. Dinner is at approximately 6:00 pm, but you can arrive for your 1 free beer and your poker hand anytime after 5:30 pm.  


Infinitea will be serving European comfort food with Hearty irish Beef stew, French chicken casserole and an Italian chickpea stew, all with creamy mashed potatoes and a gluten free Caesar salad.


Stamps and Poker


Collect stickers at the stickers stations along the route.  Collect them all or as few as you want; it’s up to you and what you want to ride!  

The ride is just a suggestion, you don’t have to do the whole thing or you could do more, it’s up to you! 


Each sticker will represent a card in your poker hand, which you will be dealt upon arrival at the Royal for the after party.  


Stickers will be in the following locations:

·       Royal Check-in

·       Top of Hyper

·      Top of Verboten

·       Top of Project 9

·       Top of Mushroomhead

·       Top of Swine Flu

·       Fernie Brewing Company check in

The 3 best poker hands get first choice of prizes, everyone else’s sticker card will go in for a draw for the prizes.  



The 2019 High Roller route crosses onto Fernie Alpine Resort.  Thank you to Fernie Alpine Report for letting us use their land for this event.  However, we have to agree to their waiver.  

Please do yourself and us a solid and go to to agree to the RCR waiver for this event.  If you don't do this before hand, you will have to do a paper waiver at the morning registration, and this will slow things down for both of us.






·      If you or your riding partner are injured and need help getting out call 911 > RCMP > make sure you state “wilderness emergency – search & rescue needed”and describe your location.


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