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fmbc mandate

The Fernie Mountain Bike Club was established in 1990 as a loose-knit group of riders who met every Wednesday for a ride. Its mandate is as follows:


Fostering a sustainable cycling community.


The Fernie Mountain Bike Clubs mission is to ensure the long term development of a valuable community asset to be enjoyed by all styles and levels of riders.

Our Purpose:

  1. To encourage participation in recreational and competitive cycling to people of all ages and abilities.
  2. To promote responsible mountain biking practices.
  3. Collaborate with other user groups.
  4. To advocate that bike access and trail coordination becomes an integral part of the recreation philosophy and planning in Fernie.
  5. To educate users on:
    1. mountain bike safety,
    2. mountain bike practices that minimize user conflicts, trail damage and ecological impact,
    3. mountain bike trail planning, building and maintenance.

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