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  • 1 Apr 2019 2:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Logging began mid October 2018. Date of access to the trails is still unknown.

    Information on the logging plans:

    Kids Stuff, Eric's Trail, Splitting Bears, Hessian, Bored to Tears, Split Decision and R-Trail. This area was to be logged first, 50-100 trees to be left standing per hectare. Numerous skid paths will cross the trails.

    4 Corners area, Deadfall, Oh Dear, Faceshots, EVT-CDT, Stumpy, Ich Bin Sofa, Bridget Funda. This area was to be logged after freeze up (Dec-Jan start) and 100-150 trees to be left standing per hectare. Numerous skid paths will cross the trails.

    Wildlife Tree Patch & Reserve includes the following trails: Eco-Terrorist (all sections), Kiddy Up, WUD, Queen V, Broken Derailleur, Deadfall (south of 4 Corners) Brad's Gay Trail and some of Sidewinder. No logging in this area but some of the trails do border the other zones. The north end of this area comes just short of 4 Corners.

    Logging commenced mid October and there was NO ACCESS to the property from this date forward until logging, wood chipping and cleanup is completed.

    Ridgemont Road will remain open for logging trucks during this period but there will be no public access. 1000 truck loads of wood are expected to be removed from Ridgemont property. VAST has stated that all slash piles will be chipped and removed from the property. Machine Free Zone means that the mechanical machine will not enter that zone but the arm reach is 8 meters and harvestable wood will be removed. What this means is that our trails have a 8 meter MFZ around them but the arm will remove value wood trees without affecting the trails. Trees will be removed from the trails.

    VAST (Pollyco) will be installing more signage and gates on most of the access points into Ridgemont stating its Private Property with NO ACCESS during this period of time.  They state that there will be enforcement of this, the area is considered a Worksafe BC site. 

  • 26 Mar 2019 12:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    BC Parks will be continuing with the project this spring. Contractors and equipment will be in the park beginning April 1st and will work until May long weekend. Works will halt for the summer and resume in the fall. Upgrades to the Mt. Fernie Park road including widening the section of road through the campground and raising the road elevation at the Stove Creek crossing will be undertaken over the next month and will result in disruption to traffic flow. Traffic controllers will be utilized for safety and to minimize the closure times.     

    Several areas of the park which were closed in the fall will remain closed during construction including the Gorby parking lot, the campground and the last  section of Hedonism trail.

    Works scheduled for the fall will include asphalt, road line painting and installation of safety features and works at the park entrance.

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